How to Buy Realistic Dildos and Vibes

How to Buy Realistic Dildos and Realistic Dildo Vibrators

Whether you want to ride it on, leave it in for some internal vibes or just some simple impact play realistic dildos and vibrators will get you where you want to be. The unique characteristic about realistic dildos is that they are crafted from a man’s penis. They are made with lifelike materials with a veiny shaft and balls at the base. It’s like having a partner who is always erect and ready for play every time you need some loving.

Made to help you live out your sexual fantasies, realistic dildos and vibes are designed for men, women, and couples of all orientations. Some are actually replicated from your favourite adult film actors giving you a thrilling personal intimate sexual experience with them. Most realistic dildos and vibes have a round base making them great for use with strap-on harness. Wear your vibrating realistic dildo and pummel your partner to toe-curling orgasm. The versatility and flexibility in these toys allow you to assume every position you can fathom comfortably. You can also find realistic dildos and vibes with suctions cup for hand-free fun. Stick on the floor or furniture and ride your way to sexual nirvana. Or take it outdoors to your private pool and enjoy an aquatic moment of a lifetime. There are a thousand pleasurable things you can do with your realistic dildos and vibes; you just need be bedroom smart.

Realistic dildos and vibes come in different shapes, designs, materials and sizes. And with hundreds of them gracing the market today, you need to know what makes a perfect dildo for you. Here are a few things to consider when buying realistic dildos and vibes.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Realistic Dildos and Vibes

Size Matters

Realistic dildos are vibes come in different girths and lengths.It is important that you pick a size that is both comfortable and pleasurable. If you are new to dildo toys, start with slimmer girths and shorter lengths. Once you are used to the feeling of dildo sex, you can switch to bigger sizes. For those experienced in dildo sex, there are large realistic dildos designed to stretch and fill you up to exceptional stimulation

Penis Sleeves


All dildos have one purpose of creation, penetrative stimulation.They are specially designed to pinpoint and massage special erogenous spots through vaginal or anal play. Think about what you really want your realistic dildos and vibes to do. Most realistic dildos and vibes have squishy veinyshafts simulating a man’s penis making them perfect for thrusting. But there are some with slightly curved shafts for enhanced vaginal thrusting and G-spot massage. These will help you achieve a squirting vaginal orgasm leaving you numbed with pleasure.There are those with curved tips which are perfect for prostate milking. Pay special attention to the dildo shape and design as this will significantly influence your moment.


Realistic dildos and vibes are made from flexible materials like rubber, PVC and Cyber Skin, though not limited to these. All these materials are pliable, squishy, flexible yet firm. They warm up easily to the body and have a real lifelike feel to them. They feel like you are having real man’s penis inside you. However, most of these materials are highly porous and tend to encourage bacterial growth and moulding if not properly cleaned and dried. Think about the cleaning procedure and how you intend to use the dildo. If for anal play, you might consider sliding on a condom to reduce entry of bacteria inside the toy. The anus hasa high concentration of bacteria that can cause serious infections if they happen to grow inside your toy. It is also not recommend sharing your realistic dildos and vibes. Your personal hygiene and health are essential for you to continue enjoying good


Think about what other actions you would want your realistic Enhanced Sex for Men are vibes to perform. Can it be used for both vaginal and anal penetrations pleasurably? Is the vibe waterproof for some aquatic plays? What is the vibration speeds, do they satisfy your most rough games? Will the location of the setting hinder you from assuming some positions? Is the dildo harness-compatible for when you want to fuck your partner? Will a suction cup improve the quality of your sex by giving you some hand-free fun? Think outside the box of thrusting and fucking and get a dildo that serves all your sexual desires.

Lube Compatibility

To make things more smooth and comfortable, use a high-quality lube with your realistic dildos and vibes. Note that most realistic materials may contain traces of silicone. Be sure to ready the product description at the Peaches and Screams products portfolio to know which lube to use with your new toys. Water-based lubricants are compatible with all sex toy materials, so you can grab your favourite here. Silicone lube reacts with silicone materials damaging the surface of the toy. If you are not sure about the material composition of your toy and would like to use a silicone lube, test a little patch on a non-sensitive area like the base.Do not use oil-based lubes with realistic dildos and vibes, these are hard to thoroughly clean off especially on porous materials. Add some fun to your solo or couples games by introducing a warming lubricant for a complete real feel experience. Tingle your sweet spots with a cooling lubricant for a difference. Great sex is a matter of creativity and boldness!

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